Repair School for overseas

I am Takeshi Hirano, Representative Director of THJAPAN co., Ltd.

We have been in the residential repair business since 2007, and have experiences outside of Japan, including the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and China.

We have been running a repair school named “Birdman Repair School” to provide residential repair techniques since 2015.

More than 120 people from all over Japan have taken our courses.

This online repair school is provided for those who are in the construction industry in or outside of Japan who want to expand their business by utilizing repair techniques overseas.

Supported languages are Japanese and English.

1 hour free zoom session

You are more than welcome to make clarifications of any kind or feel free to ask us any questions before taking the lesson.

  • I want to talk to the instructor to see if we can communicate in English.
  • I want to know what exactly I can learn.

You can tell us by mentioning “ online Repair School.” Please feel free to contact us online.

Please contact us via WhatsApp ,line or email.

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You can tell us by mentioning “ online Repair School.” Please feel free to contact us on line.

Participants’ Purpose of Attendance

  • I want to increase the unit price by incorporating repair business.
  • I would rather start a business on my own in the future than stay employed.
  • I am having trouble finding someone to teach me repair techniques.

Our lessons have been popular especially among people from fields such as the cleaning,remodeling, painting, scaffolding, and site supervisory industries.

Comments by students on their successes after attending the course!

I am a housing management company.

We have succeeded in incorporating the repair business into our housing management business, which now generates a profit of about 2 million yen per month.

We regularly send our employees to Mr. Hirano’s repair school.
I work for a company that dispatches maids.

I learned repair techniques because I wanted to be able to clean and repair the nannies I dispatched.

The business has increased its monthly sales by 30% compared to when I was in then any business.

We are mainly engaged in the house cleaning business.

We also started to receive repair requests from the main contractor on an ongoing basis.

Total sales increased by 150% between house cleaning and repair business.

Aluminum sash installer.

Because of my close relationship with a house builder, I learned repair techniques and began to receive repair requests.

Through the repair and existing business, we are able to get to know many construction companies, which leads to the expansion of our existing business.

I moved from Tokyo to Miyakojima City, Okinawa, and entered the repair business as a newcomer. There is no competition on the island,

I was able to become the only repairman on the island, earning 800,000 yen per month.

I am in the real estate business. We don’t need a repair company,
We are now able to do the repair work on our own, which is a big help to us because we are spending less money.

What makes Birdman Repair School so special?

  • I can learn basic and more difficult work processes.
  • I can learn basic and more difficult work processes.
  • Because we know the tools needed to handle a wide variety of repair processes.

At Birdman Repair School, you will learn how to efficiently perform the work processes you have learned while maintaining the quality of the work at the time it is performed.

The school is a great place to learn how to efficiently perform the work while maintaining quality and adapting the work process learned to the job site.

Moreover, we also provide tools carefully selected through trial and error for over 15 years at our repair school so that you can use the right tool for the right situation when needed.

Here are some of feedback and review from our students.

This student is from Tottori, Japan. He works for a cleaning company and attended our repair school in order to introduce the repair business as a new business.

Course content and cost

I believe that high or low prices are a matter of different perspectives,
I think it is very inexpensive to learn both the technical and mental aspects of doing business professionally in the course I took.

About the course content

The doctor(*instructor?) was able to identify my own character and to worked with me until I was satisfied.

I was able to understand the content of the lecture as the instructor made it easy for me to understand.

Did you learn what you wanted to learn?

I told Mr. Hirano in advance what I wanted to learn, and he taught me plenty of cases that might come up in my work in the future.

Is it hard to practice on your own?

From the time I learned to the next repair class,
I practiced what I had learned repeatedly at home to make my body memorize what I had learned.

I have fond memories of bringing the colored wood to the atelier on the bullet train or subway each time.

It’s not a rigid image of independent practice; this was also a part of practicing the actual work. Or else, you may not have pictured the image of the actual flow of the pattern just by being taught verbally.

We are human beings and we tend to forget things easily. That’s why it was even easier to under stand when I reviewed while moving!

Is it hard to stay motivated?

In order not to lose my motivation, I reported what I had learned and asked for clarifications on things I could not comprehend as soon as possible and received further instructions on how to proceed.

The instructor’s casual and friendly conversation with me motivated me to keep going.

Finally, we look forward to working with you in these times of twists and turns.


This student comes from Nagasaki Prefecture.

A housecleaning and dressmaking business owner enrolled in the repair school in order to start a new repair business.

Did you learn what you wanted to learn?{

I learned more than enough.

About Pricing

Before taking the course, I thought it would be expensive, but the one-on-one instruction taught me the skills I needed.

After taking the course, I didn’t think it was expensive at all and felt it was more than worth it.

About the Instructor

I am glad I chose this school because the instructors are not stiff and crafty, but soft and receptive, making it easy to ask questions.

Follow-up services after the course

I ask questions online about things I don’t understand and receive accurate advice. They also respond immediately to my requests regarding tools.

This student comes from Okayama Prefecture. He has been working for a construction company and attended the repair school.

Do you think taking the Repair School will help you in your work?

It seems to lead to work, and we have already received several requests.

Did you learn what you wanted to learn?

I was able to learn what I wanted to learn, and they were better than the repairers I have arranged for myself.

Course Content and Pricing

I know the price seems high, but I think it is actually low. If you do a neat job and work productively, I think you can get what your money is worth quickly.

Impressions about the Instructor

He was easy to talk to and was very helpful in quickly answering questions I asked.


This student is from Ishikawa, Japan. He is a scaffolding shop owner and attended the repair school.

Did you learn what you wanted to learn?

I have been working on scaffolding and originally decided to take the course because I was interested in repairing exterior walls and sashes.

When I took the course, I learned that most of the repairs were to wood and the interior of the house.

It was refreshing for me to learn more about the repair profession, which I had never experienced before, and I was able to get more and more involved in it.

I am very satisfied with the course content, which was more than I wanted to learn.

About Pricing

As for the price, to be honest, it is a courageous amount of money, and I can’t say anything too easy about it, but I thought it was a reasonable price and rather inexpensive if you can learn such skills.

However, I thought it was cheap if I could acquire such a high level of skills for a reasonable price.

I would like to put it into practice and make use of the skills I have learned.

About the Instructor

I really appreciate all the help I received from the instructors. I started from scratch,

They created an environment that made it very easy for me to meet, talk, and take classes, and I was able to enjoy learning.

Follow-up services after the course

I have finished the course and am now ready to start, I was able to start my business with peace of mind, thanks to your advice and
encouragement to contact you at any time.

Finally, when I applied and took the course for the first time, I was very anxious and worried, but once again, I am grateful for this encounter!
Thank you very much for teaching me so many different repair methods and techniques. I am still inexperienced, but will continue to practice and gain experience.

We look forward to working with you again in the future!

What you can learn at the Repair School

Wood repairs (window frames, wood doors, flooring, etc.)

Aluminum sash repair (aluminum sashes, entrance doors, balcony railings, etc.)

Repair iron doors using urethane coating (iron doors, kitchen panels, etc.)

Mirror surface repair

Difficult flooring repair

Repair deterioration of flooring

Repair holes in fixture doors

Repair hole in iron door

Repair large cracks in exterior siding

Block wall aging repair

Repair of decorative block hole

Large dent in aluminum sash Repair

Stainless steel range hood scratch repair

Stainless steel sink polish repair

Stone tile repair

Marble Polishing Repair

Repair cracks in artificial marble kitchen countertop

Stone Wall Repair

Artificial marble countertop polishing repair

Polishing repair repair of washbasin

Learn to repair wood
You will be able to repair flooring scratches, window sills, and holes in wooden doors. Acquire skills to work on new construction and remodeling sites.

Learn to repair aluminum sashes
 You will be able to repair aluminum doors in bathrooms, aluminum sash scratches on window frames, dents in water drains, and balcony railings.

interpoint (interword separation)Learn to repair with urethane coating.

Learn to repair mirror finish
Learn Mirror Finish Repair
 You will be able to repair mirror-finished flooring and door materials. This will be appreciated by customers who use high-end materials.

Learn to Repair Stainless Steel
Learn to repair stainless steel
 Learn to repair stainless steel range hoods, stainless steel sinks, and specialize in repairing the kitchen area.

Learn about exterior siding repair We can repair exterior siding. I can respond to repair requests from exterior contractors.

Learn to repair tiles. You will be able to help exterior contractors with projects that they are having trouble with.

Learn how to repair aging repairs. This is a solution for customers who want to use old items as they are.

Learn how to repair artificial marble. You will be able to work with kitchen manufacturers.

Learn about Marble Polishing Repair We can eliminate the gloss cloudiness of marble floors. We can help customers who use high-end materials to solve their problems.

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You can tell us by mentioning “Online Repair School.” Please feel free to contact us.

Course Fees

One-hour advice course

We will advise you on working methods and tools within one hour. We will share and explain our work videos.

  • Priced at $110 per hour.


Settlement Method

Bank transfer

Please transfer the course fee to our bank account two weeks prior to the course date.


payment currency is US $

Support for Tool Purchases

There are differences in the materials available in Japan and overseas. We will provide you with a list of materials from Koenig that are available overseas, which you can purchase at your local distributor.

  • Cost of wood aluminum repair tools 900$.
  • Urethane paint set 1000$.
  • Compressor cost 15000$.
  • Cost of one spray gun 150$-250$.

*There are individual differences in the tools to be prepared by each student, so there are differences in purchase costs.

We do not charge brokerage fees.

self introduction

Takeshi Hirano,

company founder , born February 8, 1980

I have been working as a repairman since 2008, mainly in Japan. I can repair wooden, stone, and stainless steel products and surfaces.

I have experience working abroad in England and  Australia ,USA, Shanghai .

I also lived in Melbourne, Australia for 3 years.

My wife is French and we speak in English at home everyday, so communication in English is no problem.

How do I apply for the Repair School?

If you are interested in attending the course, please contact us by Line, e-mail or phone with the following information.

  • Your Name
  • Current Occupation
  • Name of your area
After receiving your inquiry, we will call you to discuss your course of study.

Counseling after inquiry

After receiving your inquiry, we will provide counseling on what skills you would like to acquire and in what areas you would like to apply your skills to your work.

Since there is a wide range of skills that can be learned at repair schools, which area of the business do you want to develop?

We will also determine which repair areas are in demand in the business areas in which we operate.

You will be able to learn all repair items, but those that are not necessary will be learned only as a knowledge base to ensure that you are working on the repair skills you need.

It may take longer to acquire skills than expected, so we can design your priorities together.

Online Tools

The course will be given online using ZOOM.

Please download ZOOM on to your computer.

Click here to download zoom

Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

Can I have technical consultation finishing the course?

Technical consultation is only available during the course.

When a repair project comes along that I can’t handle myself, can you come and support me?

There is a cost involved, but you can call us anytime.

When is the earliest I can accept jobs from a client for repair work after taking the course?

It depends on the student, but the earliest requests come in during the course.

Paid content after the course

11,000 yen/month video streaming service

We provide a repair video streaming service where you can listen to samples of basic repair techniques as well as more difficult repair techniques.

Membership is available for 11,000 yen per month.

For more information, click here >>>

How to apply for the Online Repair School

If you are interested in attending the course, please contact us by Line, e-mail or phone with the following information.

  • Your Name
  • Current Occupation
  • Name of your area

After receiving your inquiry, we will call you to discuss your course of study.

For inquiries, please contact

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You can tell us by saying, “ About the Repair School.” Please feel free to contact us on line.